Grant Road Map

How to Apply?

The Montville Education Foundation, Inc. provides support for creative and innovative programs and opportunities in public/private and community education for Montville learners of all ages.

Through collaboration with the Montville Public/Private Schools and Montville municipal departments, MEF promotes and enhances excellence in education and provides independent financial resources for educational initiatives.

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

The Rules
  • Teachers, administrators, and other school professionals in the Montville Public/Private Schools.
  • Other educational providers in municipal departments and community organizations.
  • MEF encourages collaboration between students of all ages and abilities, parents, school professionals and/or community organizations.

Grant Criteria: What Makes A Grant Successful

The Grant Committee, comprised of business professionals, educators, administrators, active community leaders and dedicated volunteers, will consider in their discretion the following criteria when “blindly” reviewing each proposal:


  • Significant number of students, teachers, parents, administrators, community members… over an extended time… across schools, grades, departments, disciplines, community groups…
  • How many students will benefit from participating in the program or be directly impacted by the project?
  • Does the project have the potential of being replicated and impacting a larger number of students?
  • Has collaboration—working together, joint effort—between schools and community groups been considered?
The Rules


  • Enhancement, expansion, adaptation, improvement, challenge, risk, “out-of-box” thinking, a new technique for learning…
  • Does the grant proposal seek to achieve creative and unconventional pathways to learning that add depth to the curriculum and motivate students?
  • Does the grant proposal address the varied educational needs of the community by exploring and developing new programs, choices and models for teaching and learning?


  • To what extent does the grant proposal enrich the curriculum?
  • Does the proposal support the goals and curriculum objectives, and the educational values of the Schools, Public or otherwise or other educational objectives in the Town of Montville?


  • Will the program be able to sustain itself or be replicated after initial funding?

What types of grants are available?

Eligible educational providers may apply for the following:
  • Mini Grant Funds up to $500 to educators for enrichment projects or programs and the associated equipment and materials.
  • Program Grant Funds of more than $1,000 for unique programs which support multidisciplinary projects, and/or collaborative grade level, school level, and community projects.

How Do I Apply?

You may access either grant application by using the links below.

When Can I Apply?

MEF accepts applications during a fall and spring cycle.

Grant Submission Deadlines

FALL – October 30
SPRING – April 30
  • All Grant Applications must be completed and submitted using the MEF forms in order to be considered for funding.
  • Grant Committee notifies grant applicants within one month of the deadline.
  • All Grant Applications and supporting documents must be submitted by mail by the due date to MEF, P.O. Box 521, Uncasville, CT 06382.


GRANT AWARDS up to $10,000

Mini grant awards up to $500

We are aware of and apologize for some issues that have occurred when grant applications have been submitted by email through the MEF website but not received by MEF and we are working to correct the problems.  Going forward, all grant applications submitted will receive an acknowledgment from MEF.  Until we are assured the email submissions are working correctly, it is recommended that you check your email apps to insure they are updated and that the  MEF grant application is not stuck in your "draft" folder.  Thank you. The work you do through these grants is so valuable to the continuance of enhanced learning opportunities in Montville.


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